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Weeknote 16 – Vacation

I’ve been on vacation and enjoying quite a bit


The reason why this blog has been silent over most of July is simple: I’ve been on a much needed break back home in Iceland. Only two of those weeks were an actual vacation but it’s overall been a vacation that I needed very, very much.

Went on a short trip to Dublin. Travelled around Reykjanes. Spent some time in the family cabin. Took a few photos.

I didn’t read much or do much but I’ve been spending a lot of time talking, catching up with family in Iceland, and thinking about where I am in life and what I’m doing.

No major revelations but think I’ve got a much clearer idea of what questions I should be asking.

Reading and Media

Not much. Loads of sitting outside in good weather staring at beautiful landscapes.

Watched the new Spider-Man. It was pretty good as these things go although superhero movies have become pretty tired overall.


Sunset view from the cabin

The Brúarhlöð canyon in Hvítá

Snæfellsjökull visible by Garðsviti

A tour bus parked next to an Icelandic farm

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