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Weeknote 15 - Counting Down the Days

Need to reconsider some of our processes at work.


Still fairly overwhelmed by the impending deadline at work.

And, yeah, I’m hoping that I can get us to change the process so this won’t hit me so hard next time.


Finally got around to watching Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

And, yeah, it’s amazing. Definitely a contender for best superhero movie ever. Probably better than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 or 2.

That’s pretty darn good.

It’s also just a truly excellent animated film.

Counting Down the Days

Heading back home to Iceland next week. I haven’t been back in a year. It hasn’t been this long between visits home for me in almost 20 years.

Maybe it’s the extended stay away, a sign of growing old, or just that Iceland isn’t deteriorating politically at the same rate as the anglophone world, but I’ve been missing the place a little bit more strongly than usual.

Montréal’s consistently unpleasant weather sure doesn’t help.

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