Web dev at the end of the world, from Hveragerði, Iceland

I’m available for projects and other work

  • Are you struggling with producing readable web sites?
  • Do you need to make a site or sites that walks like a book, talks like a book, and reads like a book but everything you make looks like a blog?
  • Are you having trouble dealing with file formats such as PDF, DOCX, or EPUB using web tech?
  • Are you trying to produce PDFs or ebooks from your website or your CMS?
  • Do your customers need to be able to annotate text or images in your app but nothing in your code is set up for it?
  • Do you need to do any of the above in an accessible way?
  • Do you need somebody to write about these issues in a clear way?

I have over twenty-five years of experience working on and researching interactive media and the web, most of it focused on problems facing publishers and readers. I was making websites in the late 90s, even before I went to college. In 2006 I got a PhD in ebook interactivity from the University of the West of England and since then I have worked for publishers, big and small, ecommerce sites (turns out writing sells and readable writing sells better), software companies, and education/publishing startups. I’ve held a number of talks on web standards, ebooks and web tech in publishing in conferences all around the world.

For the past four years I have been heavily involved in open source projects working with PDFs, DOCX, EPUB, and annotation. I work in node.js, standard JavaScript in the browser, web components, and—lately—Svelte. I have extensive experience working with CSS and in solving accessibility problems in complex components.

I’ve been writing on this website on web development and interactive media for over a decade and on other web sites for a decade before that.

I’ve worked with React (with hooks) and other frameworks in the past and can re-familiarise myself with them relatively quickly. Although I generally don’t recommend using these frameworks for new projects (they are rarely a good fit) I’m also firmly of the belief that working code trumps other concerns. Rewriting a working codebase in a new and unfamiliar framework is a recipe for disaster.

(If you’re starting something new, however, then that’s exactly the time to pick the technology that works best for your problem domain and business model and that’s exactly a problem I can help you with.)

I’m available for consultation projects, coding projects, and (if the offer is interesting enough) for hire. I work remotely from Iceland which makes European timezones the most convenient. But I am flexible enough in my workday to accommodate east coast North American timezones.

Email me if you think I can help with your problems.



You can also find me on Mastodon and Bluesky