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Knights and Necromancers: new books and megapacks!

The links in this post are all now broken. I unpublished these books a long time ago, even though the series was completed, as I wasn’t happy with their quality. The domain name has since lapsed and is now owned by somebody else.

Original post follows

Knights and Necromancers three and four are ready to be released but you can get them a bit earlier than the rest.

The third and fourth book in the series have both been submitted to Kobo, Apple, and Amazon for their pre-publication vetting process (which, frankly, can take days).

But you can get them sooner, if you really really want. :-)

I’m selling all of the books in the series so far in multi-format megapacks. Each pack contains two books in EPUB2, EPUB3, mobi, and kf8 formats, as well as a full resolution image file of the covers.

The first is a bundle of the first two stories. The second is a bundle of the third and fourth story in the Knights and Necromancers series.

Knights and Necromancers 1-2 MEGAPACK

The first megapack is for Knights and Necromancers one and two, which have been updated to clean up a few typos that had slipped through into the release versions. Knights and Necromancers 1: Days of wild obedience is of course still available for free. If you want to read a sample from Knights and Necromancers 2: Loot, kill, obey you can find it here.

Knights and Necromancers 1-2 MEGAPACK Buy now from Gumroad.

Knights and Necromancers 3-4 MEGAPACK

You can read more about the third and fourth stories here and here and see preview samples of them here and here.

But if you want short and sweet summaries of the plots they are as follows:

Knights and Necromancers 3: Breathe worms. The lords and masters of the mining town of Akton thought they could outwit the Necromancers. Now the entire town is going to pay for their arrogance. Grace and Cera are caught in the middle, surrounded by murderous mayhem and contagious curses.

Knights and Necromancers 4: They die for nothing. The wealthy young men of Tyres are so used to their power and privilege that they have turned murder into a sport. But, when one of them kills a high-ranking member of the city’s most powerful criminal syndicate, they discover that no amount of money can save them from the vengeance of the Kamgar.

If you like the sound of that, buy it via Gumroad. Not only does the megapack give you the formats you need both for Kindles and the rest, it’s also cheaper. Buying the bundle saves you two bucks.

Knights and Necromancers 3-4 MEGAPACK covers Buy now from Gumroad.

If you prefer to buy directly from Amazon or Apple, stay tuned and keep following this blog. I’ll post when the books are available. Kobo fans are in luck since Kobo’s vetting process seems to be a lot quicker. Which means that the new books are available already over at Kobo. You can find the all of the available books in the series here:

Knights and Necromancers.

If you have any problem with the megapacks or any of the books please don’t hesitate to email me at doc@heartpunk.com. You could also use my personal email address but using the heartpunk.com address for problems with Heartpunk books is likely to get a quicker response.

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