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Kathy Sierra's Badass: Making Users Awesome – the book you all should read

I’ve been reading and re-reading Kathy Sierra’s book Badass: Making Users Awesome since it was released the other day and I can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve been obsessing about teaching and skills development theory for over a decade now, ranging from the ideological like Ivan Illich and Neil Postman to the philosophical like John Dewey.

Oh, and so many research studies.

All this time I have never encountered a book that so cohesively ties together so many of teaching and training best practices into a single, sensible conceptual model.

But Kathy Sierra doesn’t just pull it off she does so with amazing clarity—explaining complex concepts in simple ways without dumbing them down.

Then she ties it all in with user experience software design without skipping a beat.

If you do any teaching or training, this should be the next book you read.

If you do any UI, UX, or product design, this is the book you should be reading right now.

It’s a short and highly readable book so you have absolutely no excuses not to.

It’s awesome. Buy it. Read it.

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