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Remember when Grace Hopper started her HOPL keynote with "I'm appalled at you"? pic.twitter.com/MAEScjxCXy

— Bret Victor (@worrydream) June 19, 2015

"To access the mobile site you must first sign up for a free account." THIS IS WHY THE WEB IS BREAKING. Caution, morons at work.

— Matt Hill (@matthillco) June 20, 2015

In complex adaptive systems, how can we ever ascribe particular outputs (eg success) to particular inputs (eg method)?

— Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) June 21, 2015

It's kind of pathetic that developers look to musicians as a guide for how to run a sustainable business.

— Eli Schiff (@eli_schiff) June 21, 2015

Every dev you've heard of is a statistical anomaly.

— Mike Bithell (@mikeBithell) June 21, 2015

It can be fun watching young people spend 20 minutes trying to do something with a web app that was solved on Windows/Mac 20 years ago

— Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) June 22, 2015

"Can you be healthy in a toxic, sick environment?
I can’t.”
– I, Too, Left the Tech Industry https://t.co/PBwJJRkoH0 pic.twitter.com/vxqvXU2xZb

— Ninja Panda (@lrnrd) June 23, 2015

Windows 2000: usable via only a keyboard. The web: not. Netflix, for example, is literally unusable: you can't get to "my list". Progress.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 23, 2015

People of digital publishing: what changes would you like to see in CSS? What do you need to make better books?

— Dave! Cramer (@dauwhe) June 23, 2015

Consider: if simple lies travel faster than complex truths, why do we think more efficient tools for communication is progress?

— Scott Berkun (@berkun) June 23, 2015

Start thinking about a de-optimisation strategy to prepare for Http2. Sprinting and concatenation will be things of the past @mnot #wdcode

— Hady Osman (@hadynz) June 25, 2015

Page-ness isn’t important. “When I get a new book, I don’t say ‘look, it has these awesome pages!’” —@eaton pic.twitter.com/4NaWC1bC7c

— Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane) June 26, 2015

All software evolves until it's the most efficient possible ad delivery system, the interesting bits are gone, and its JS fails hourly.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 25, 2015

If ES6 seems exciting and new, consider learning more languages. The world is much more interesting than ES6 and this stuff is not new.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 26, 2015

Most interesting, "new" language features from the last 40 years existed in Lisp, ML, or both. You don't have to wait for the mainstream.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 26, 2015

Our parents had global type inference and algebraic data types. We're excited that we finally have hashmaps and modules. COMPUTERS YEEAAaHhh

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 26, 2015

Oh so you thought "context" was about mobile or desktop, huh? @karenmcgrane at #DrupalNorth pic.twitter.com/rZx0nOK9ck

— Jeff Eaton (@eaton) June 27, 2015

Repeating something I say a fair bit: Facebook+Google have a fundamentally broken ontology of names. Their using it perpetuates violence.

— Krinn DNZ (@krinndnz) June 27, 2015

Best cross-platform way to access window from within an ES6 module(?)

const GLOBAL_OBJECT = new Function('return this')();

— Axel Rauschmayer (@rauschma) June 27, 2015

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