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The self-serving nature of most tech social media

99% of tech social media:

“I like this thing, but people say it’s bad so here is a list of self-serving reasons why I should be allowed to like it. They’re my soothing koans to calm the phantom pain of my long-amputated conscience”

“No, none of them actually address the criticism. Why do you ask?”

You can have a tech that is mostly used for fraud, bankrupts the elderly, or even literally kills people, but tech enthusiasts will defend it by saying it saves five minutes on their morning breakfast routine.

It’s a worldview where individual benefit, no matter how trivial, trumps societal harm. There’s no arguing with people who respond to “this will destroy lives” with: “but I find it useful”.

Several times over the past two decades we’ve had tech arrive which observers and researchers have discovered has serious and measurable detrimental effects on society at large, but the enthusiasts will go “it saves me an entire half-hour a day!” and consider the argument won.

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