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Generated images for non-generated text and video

Please stop using generated art for thumbnails and illustrations for videos and blog posts that don’t consist of generated material themselves. It gives people the impression that the post is spammy bullshit. I’m starting to see people dismiss links out of hand just because of the preview thumbnail on social media.

Generated art correlates strongly with low effort writing and video. But I keep seeing developer types in my feed reader use generated illustrations seemingly without realising how it’s seen by an increasing number of readers.

It’s only a matter of time until “generative art = spammy bullshit” will be the majority position because that’s how the economics of it are playing out. Using extruded synthetic art will not do your writing or video any favours in the long run.

I’m not on Facebook myself, but I understand that the increasing frequency of spam posts with generated art there is rapidly training the public to see anything as spam that uses the orange and teal mush that is generative art.

I don’t care about the posts and videos that are the sort of indistinct effluent that typifies the low effort “content” that floods the web today, but it’s become a regular occurrence when I’m posting links to have people reject interesting articles or videos just because of the preview image.

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