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Foggy walk photos

Foggy Hveragerði

Feels almost inappropriate to post this now, but yesterday I saw that a fog bank was heading towards town, so went out and took a few photos.

Even the precursor to the fog was atmospheric.

A view of the road from Hveragerði to Þorlákshöfn. Frost covers the ground

A view of steam rising from a geothermal area in the distance. Frost covers the ground

A frosty haze covers the neighbourhood road.

The greenhouse that is the entrance to the Geothermal Park here in Hveragerði, surrounded by a mild haze.

The view down a street covered with fog. The road is lined by commercial greenhouses. In the distance we see the headlights of a car in the fog.

A view past a few treest, towards the mountains by Hveragerði, fading away in the fog.

Now we look uphill, towards the mountains and the agricultural school. Both are faded—obscured by the fog.

A view of the Varmá river here in Hveragerði in the fog.

A view down the main road in Hveragerði, past Hotel Örk.

The entrance to the small park in Hveragerði, covered in fog.

This one is almost nothing but fog. You can see a streetlight and the vague outlines of some trees.

The light by the waterfall in Varmá looked a bit eerie in the fog.

Caturday pictures

Kolka, my sister’s cat, always looks mildly astonished. #caturday

Kolka, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, looks off to the side with a surpised look on her face

Kolka looks up into the camera with surprise.

Kolka stares at up, still looking surprised

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