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Links and photos (20 May 2024)

Twee apologia

These two quotes:

But, dammit, I can’t. I love them too much. I am drawn back over and over


I’m in the bag. Not my first hypocrisy rodeo

Are from Generative AI Is Totally Shameless. I Want to Be It.

They demonstrate neatly why I dislike Paul Ford’s writing on tech and distrust people who love said writing. It’s all just too-cute twee apologia for the absolute worst of tech, all wrapped up in a “haha, ain’t I a stinker” Looney-Tunes personality.

That he pulls it off at all is a testament to how good his writing is. But that doesn’t stop what he’s saying from being shite.

This shit has consequences

“Google Cloud shows it can break things for lots of customers • The Register”

Like I said when the layoffs where first announced, you’re going to see random shit go wrong because these companies now have a bunch of systems nobody in-house understands any more. This is what happens with mass layoffs.

This was inevitable. As soon as you heard “10-15% of the organisation laid off” it became absolutely certain that things would start to go wrong, the only question is when and what. For every public breakdown there’s going to be a corresponding bunch of private failures we haven’t heard about.


This only lasted for a moment.

A rainbow over a commercial garden in the background. In the foreground there is a small old dilapidated warehouse that has seen better days.

Neighbour doing the rounds in the garden.

Neighbour, a black and white “tuxedo” pattern cat, walking through some overgrown grass

That same neighbour cat loafing on the fence, inspecting the surroundings

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