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Links and photos (13 May 2024)

Delegating research to slop generators is and has always been a bad idea.

Every time I scroll through my social media I see a couple instances of “hey, I had a bad idea which I would have discovered is a bad idea if I’d done any actual research but instead I asked an LLM and it did it for me, no problem! Isn’t that great?”

It’s exhausting.

Cat photos

Kolka, my sister’s cat, had a very relaxed weekend, apparently.

Kolka, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, licking her chops

Kolka, lying upside down on a sofa, looking up at the photographer (my sister)

And this neighbour came for a short visit and did a routine inspection tour of the flat 😄

The cat who lives next door stands at the top of my stairs

The neighbour cat walks past my comics library on her inspection tour

Now the cat is back at my stairs, looking up at the spiders I need to clean out of the window

But, before the neighbour cat leaves, she has aa quick relaxing roll and rub on the stair carpet.

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