A question only you can answer

Knights and Necromancers three and four are finally out on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes, Below is a full list of links to where you can find them. But first…

I have a question only you can answer. Which isn’t saying much, since every question I can’t answer is one only you can answer, ‘you’ being the quintessential ‘not me’.

The question is this:

What reviewers do you think might be interested in reviewing the Knights and Necromancers series?

Any sort of fiction reviewer will do (blog, website, whatever) just as long as they do reviews and might not be averse to reading pulpish sword and sorcery.

I don’t mind if they’re critical. I don’t need a guarantee that they’ll like the stories, just some pointers to reviewers that are likely to give it a shot in the first place.

And if they do hate the stories I promise I won’t go apeshit online and just cry quietly in a corner of my flat. :-)

What I’d like to do is the following:

(I hope that sounds like a reasonable plan.)

If you don’t want to give me suggestions in the comments below you can send them to me on twitter or in email.

You help would be very much appreciated.

Before you go! The grand complete list of all available Knights and Necromancer stories everywhere. Unless otherwise noted, the ebooks cost $2.99 and the bundles cost $3.99.

The list

Knights and Necromancers 1: Days of wild obedience.

Knights and Necromancers 2: Loot, kill, obey.

Knights and Necromancers 3: Breathe worms.

Knights and Necromancers 4: They die for nothing.