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Weeknote 11 - do I have focus?

Maybe—hey what’s that?


This weeknote is late because I wasn’t in the mood to write it earlier and this is my one habit that I’m not going to guilt myself over.


Coding-wise, things are starting to get interesting at work. Really enjoying the web components-focused workflow I’ve set up.

Like most coding things, though, it is kind of boring to talk or write about.


Ended up reading an unusual amount of technical writing last week (see workflow note above). A few research papers. A lot of work related reading in general.

No, I don’t feel dead inside, why do you ask?

I definitely do need to read some proper genre fiction over the next couple of days to clear my head, though.


Been watching Veep. I have thoughts about that but will hold off until I’m done.

Also been watching Westworld. Also holding off on writing about that.

Except I will say that it is better put together than I had recalled and it somehow manages to be all about slavery and media representations of the old west without in any way tackling slavery in the old west. Or even the US’s history with slavery in the first place. It’s a peculiar omission that can’t be hand-waved away with blather that ‘we’re really discussing the nature of consciousness, not slavery’. What makes it doubly peculiar is that it’s made substantially worse by the omission.


After over-dosing on Parc Jarry over the past year, I’m trying other subjects these days. These are from the Jean Talon Market after closing.

These photos aren’t quite working for me but the location is still interesting.

Flowers at the Jean Talon Market

Limes for sale at the market

Artisinal sodas at the market

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