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You don’t need to look far to find examples of how dysfunctional the Silicon Valley/San Francisco startup culture is. It seems to exist in a worldview bubble, even if it might not be an economic one.

However, since I actually work for a startup (London-based though) I’m going to let others do the talking and hole-poking.

You can start a business without a long game in mind. And your long game is allowed to change (so long as your values don't).

— Alex Hillman (@alexhillman) May 23, 2015

But if you wait until the shit has already hit the fan to figure out what you're really playing the game for, you've already lost.

— Alex Hillman (@alexhillman) May 23, 2015

If you read venture capitalists' blogs, you'll find many are full of self-aggrandizements… and full of flattery, too. 

Subtly, these VCs position themselves as people uniquely skilled to inform, groom, and spot future success (despite the reality of the VC industry success rate). With vague but continual pronouncements, they position themselves as special. 

Startup Narcissism by (6596 words).

Biggest problem I've seen is entrepreneurs who want to overthrow e.g. banks without understanding of what they actually do.

— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) May 27, 2015

You'd be shocked how many people a) think blockchains are the future of bookkeeping and b) are unaware that double-entry books are a thing.

— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) May 27, 2015

“Simple ideas are especially convenient for consultants to pick up and spread.“

— Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) May 27, 2015

Friends don't let friends start companies to address infrequent use cases.

— Startup L. Jackson (@StartupLJackson) May 27, 2015

FB and Google close off XMPP access. iMessage will never be open. The internet is abandoning its core principles, and has never been worse.

— Andrew S (@orang55) May 28, 2015

hello welcome to startup

here are your poorly defined goals these are your arbitrary deadlines

this is your inexperienced boss have fun!

— Danilo (@_danilo) May 20, 2014

School Counselor: “So what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Me: “Goat”

School Counselor: sigh me too (@EverythingGoats)

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