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Bringing you small DOMs and no descendant selectors.

And yet despite this, the relatively limited traffic currently coming from the continent means that even in Nairobi, a substantial amount of traffic ends up routing through London or Amsterdam, producing 150-250ms round trip times, even to the most sophisticated companies with aggressively global solutions.

David E. Weekly added 8 new photos — at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. by (588 words).

The true curse of the expert: Someone suggests a solution to a key problem in your domain, which you reject as it contradicts ur world view.

— Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) July 3, 2015

Carmack doing his VR dev work in Racket Scheme and the peanut gallery yelling “No! JavaScript!” is modern sw culture in a nutshell

— Myles Byrne (@quackingduck) July 3, 2015

We consider languages with similar semantics and different syntax "different", but Lisps with very different semantics are just "a Lisp".

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) July 4, 2015

Web apps can do quite a bit with sockets… except the things needed by peer-to-peer. Because the web is now TV, not a generic platform.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) July 4, 2015

For decades, programs on any computer could talk to any other computer in any way. Now, with the ubiquity of the web, that's going away.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) July 4, 2015

This would be pretty devastating to Bitcoin if anyone actually used it to do P2P transactions: https://t.co/6T5kXaKCeM

— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) July 4, 2015

Some miners are currently generating invalid blocks. Almost all software (besides Bitcoin Core 0.9.5 and later) will accept these invalid blocks under certain conditions.

Some Miners Generating Invalid Blocks 4 July 2015 (786 words).

The idea of Web Components and specifically their custom elements, is that you no longer depend on the browser to provide you with elements: you can bring your own. Many blog posts about the subject emphasise how exciting this is. Yes, this is exciting new tech. It gives website owners lots of freedom, but also a big responsibility. I think Web Components have their use case for the web at large, but I can’t help but feeling that for many websites, it will be too costly to create and unnecessary to use custom elements.

What kind of Web Components do we need? by Hidde de Vries (1822 words).

Some free JS/web advice from a browser engineer: small DOMs, no descendant selectors, and for goodness sake stop with the sync measurement

— Alex Russell (@slightlylate) July 6, 2015

Animated gif: First a shot of a female rugby player with a bloody nose. Then a shot of a male football player who goes down wailing when touched.

It was this tweet that lead me to search on imgur for something more closely resembling an original.

El fútbol femenino vs hombres… pic.twitter.com/SAHOdfTZSj

— Leugim Figueroa (@leugimfigueroa) June 30, 2015

Let's make a deal: if you encounter something not working on the web, try to make it simpler before adding something to fix it. It works.

— Christian Heilmann (@codepo8) July 7, 2015

If Male Actors Were Described The Way Female Actors Are http://t.co/QzCcGPy43O pic.twitter.com/Z1M4C1viaX

— Bim FKA yung jollof (@bimadew) July 8, 2015

At 71, Robert De Niro still looks just as radiant and youthful as he did before he became a dad of six. As he glides into an effortless downward dog during our interview — “Yoga is my bliss,” he tells me — you realize that this is a man who’s resisted the temptation of Botox and lip fillers but still looks every bit the glowing Hollywood ingenue. What’s his secret? “Swiss chard,” he purrs.

If Male Actors Were Described The Way Female Actors Are by Jessica Misener (1153 words).

Now, this stock market crash isn’t necessarily the precipitating event: I doubt it is, and even if we look back in 20 years in the sweet nuclear glow and conclude it was, we won’t know for some time that it is.

But we are in a world which is a ton more dangerous than most people, who buy into “the world is getting less violent” stuff are willing to believe.  Yeah, the world is less violent than it was for most of the post-WWII period, but such periods, well, end, when the conditions for them end.

Chinese Stock Market Woes and the Pre-War World by Ian Welsh (709 words).

Real challenge: instead of seeing empathy as a personal virtue, design a medium that engenders empathy by default. https://t.co/qEGNJb1Rwv

— Bret Victor (@worrydream) July 11, 2015

A medium can show context and connections. Without context, you assume ill intentions in others. WIth context, you can think systemically.

— Bret Victor (@worrydream) July 11, 2015

Narrative inherently embraces simple causes, personal agency, single perspective, limited context. A medium for empathy won't be stories.

— Bret Victor (@worrydream) July 11, 2015

.@natematias I don't mean engendering empathy through emotional appeal! The opposite – by seeing the bigger picture and many perspectives.

— Bret Victor (@worrydream) July 11, 2015

Discussing page load times without at least a passing acknowledgement of business realities is fundamentally unserious.

— Ben Thompson (@benthompson) July 14, 2015

'The fastest algorithm can frequently be replaced by one that is almost as fast and much easier to understand.' – Douglas W. Jones

— Computer Science (@CompSciFact) July 15, 2015

Required reading.

Here’s the simple truth: if you’re competing in a modular market, as today’s publishers are, profits are slim at best, and you generally take what you can get from a revenue perspective. To put it another way, publishers today have about as much bargaining power as do Uber drivers, and we’ve seen how that has gone.

Why Web Pages Suck by Ben Thompson (1594 words).

Also required reading.

Note the common element to all three of these companies: all have managed to modularize the production/delivery of their service which has allowed them to move closer to the customer. To put it another way, all of this new value is being created by specialized CRM companies: Airbnb for travelers, Uber for commuters, and Netflix for the bored.

Netflix and the Conservation of Attractive Profits by Ben Thompson (1879 words).

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