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And piss-poor conversion rates.

A Hollow Body is an Of Circumstance project in London. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Takes about 45 minutes to do and it’ll make you see London in a different way. It was originally only supposed to run until the 12th of April but has been extended. I highly recommend it. The projects that Tom, Sarah, and Duncan have made are amazing and there’s more cool stuff in the pipeline. Follow them on twitter or join their mailing list so you don’t miss it.

And the worst part was that I didn’t see anything wrong with this. In fact, I thought that earning a good salary for my work was somehow unfair to the rest of the world. So I reduced the price of the thing I can’t tell you about yet and went into my meeting with a nice clear idea of how to avoid earning more than I felt I deserved.

I’m not even joking.

Artist’s Statement ….Part Two by Johanna Flanagan (2105 words).

And, if I were still teaching, I’d so definitely steal this to use in class:

So about six years ago, I banned my students from saying the word sorry, and we did a little experiment. They had to present their work without saying a single negative word about it, and throughout the exercise they would have absolutely no encouragement or feedback from me whatsoever. So no negativity from them and no approval from me.

What happened shocked me. Some students weren’t even able to begin speaking. They looked at the floor, they took deep breaths, they took several minutes just to find words to begin with that wouldn’t include any sort of apology. Some were even brought to tears by the sheer frustration of not being able to criticise themselves.