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Random links that catch my fancy, part two of ∞

Part two of this week’s epic bookmark dump.

IRONY: The greatest design tool ever made was invented and designed by a company that makes industrial sandpaper and glue.

— Alan Cooper (@MrAlanCooper) June 2, 2015

When in a dull, non-functional meeting, beware of saying something intelligent -you will be asked to chair a committee.

— Don Norman (@jnd1er) June 3, 2015

Worst thing to happen to "magazine" biz wasn't internet. It was clueless M&A w/ zero long-term strategy and over-reliance on ads. #cmonson

— Guy L. Gonzalez (@glecharles) June 3, 2015

Why are you building that site/app assuming unlimited, free, fast bandwidth, and that your user wants the device pushed to its limits?

— getify (@getify) June 3, 2015

What about building conservatively, modularly and in layers, and letting the user decide what/how-much they want?

— getify (@getify) June 3, 2015

just b/c the device supports retina and webgl doesn't mean the user wants that. maybe they're at 3% battery and just need the bus schedule.

— getify (@getify) June 3, 2015

or maybe they know they're on expensive metered bandwidth and really just want the basic data from your site instead of paying $$ to load.

— getify (@getify) June 3, 2015

Picard management tip: Recognize when you're being hypocritical. Don't wait for others to tell you.

— Picard Tips (@PicardTips) June 3, 2015

OSS is free as in a puppy. You don't pay money for it, it needs a lot of TLC, and you get back a lot of love in return.

— Eric Elliott (@_ericelliott) June 3, 2015

Indigenous leader @Pam_Palmater says the Canadian government is responsible for genocide, not just cultural genocide.

— Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton) June 4, 2015

Up to 40% of the indigenous children forced by the Canadian government into residential Christian schools died.

— Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton) June 4, 2015

“If you run any A/B test long enough, to its logical conclusion, you’re going to end up as a porn company or a gambling company.” #GrowSF

— Slimperator SFuriosa (@sfslim) June 4, 2015

I'm seriously thinking we need a break from the constant churn of new features in the browsers. A time-out of a year or so would be great.

— Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk) June 4, 2015

Open source reality check: most projects are run by a single person, don't ever gain critical mass and are largely spare-time efforts

— Will Bond (@wbond) June 4, 2015

Common benefits include: an extra glance at your resume/CV, a handful of "thank you"s, a fair number of entitled users, a splash of guilt

— Will Bond (@wbond) June 4, 2015

And despite the impression you may get, most employers aren't going to pay you to work on them unless they are directly benefited

— Will Bond (@wbond) June 4, 2015

A parent who rejects a trans child is basically saying they value their kid's genitals over their personality, which is downright creepy.

— Foz Meadows (@fozmeadows) June 4, 2015

/3 Radical idea: "Press" is not a profession. It's mass production of written words on matters of public concern. Any citizen can be "press"

— Popehat (@Popehat) June 4, 2015

Sigh. A Midnighter reviewer thought telling DC's other gay heroes to "move over" was okay.

Yes, let's pit minorities against each other.

— Jon E. Christianson (@HonestlyJon) June 4, 2015

Seriously, browse the web with the developer tools console open logging errors and be truly amazed that the internet ever worked.

— Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) June 4, 2015

@shanselman that's why it worked. If we had draconian xml we'd never see anything. JSON-first sites are repeating this error

— Kevin Marks (@kevinmarks) June 4, 2015

People embedded in dominant monocultures (broadly defined) are de facto unable to implement bona fide diversity. @tadethompson @KariSperring > — Athena Andreadis (@AthenaHelivoy) June 4, 2015

It’s 2015 and there’s still no one liner in JS to check whether an element is in the viewport (no CSS pseudo-class either).


— Lea Verou (@LeaVerou) June 4, 2015

Always fazed at the # of devs willing to defend the pain points of the tech they’re using to the hilt cause “there must be a reason for it”.

— Lea Verou (@LeaVerou) June 4, 2015

"How can I make my site feel really slow?"
"Parallax scroll a ton of crossfading images in a carousel. Works every time."
"Great, thanks!"

— Matt Hill (@matthillco) June 5, 2015

A collection of thoughts, experiences, ideas that I like, and ideas that I have been experimenting with over the last year. It covers HTML semantics, components and approaches to front-end architecture, class naming patterns, and HTTP compression.

About HTML semantics and front-end architecture by (2269 words).

"I have some tabular data, how should I mark it up?"
"Use a <table>"
"But tables are bad! No, I'll use DIVs and CSS table properties."

— Matt Hill (@matthillco) June 5, 2015

Here’s the weirdest part: Lepore isn’t wrong; she’s just from another universe. Her day-to-day activities likely don’t include modern superhero comics (despite authoring a book about the origins of Wonder Woman), so there’s no reason to understand them within their context. She deals in history and literature and, from that standpoint, modern comics can be confusing and strange. I could pick an article out of The New Yorker and take it out of context, and my critique would be correct, too. Those opinions would look just as strange and wrong as hers do regarding A-Force. We’re just from two different Battleworld fiefdoms, coming into conflict when we interact.

A-Force and ‘Your Universe,’ an owner’s manual by Carla Hoffman (1034 words).

An experiment by Australian scientists has proven that what happens to particles in the past is only decided when they are observed and measured in the future. Until such time, reality is just an abstraction.

Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past by Stephen Morgan (1042 words).

Indeed, mobile ad revenue grew 78% in 2014, to$19 billion, and was 37% of all digital ad revenue, according to eMarketer data. As with general display advertising, Facebook is the leader in mobile display, and by a larger margin. In 2014, the company took in more than one-third ($3.5 billion) of the $9.6 billion mobile display ad market. And these revenues continue to grow as a share of Facebook’s digital ad revenue, accounting for about two-thirds in 2014. (The company’s most recent earnings report puts mobile at around 73% of Facebook’s total ad revenue in the first quarter of 2015.)

Facebook’s deal with publishers a stark reminder of digital ad gulf by Kristine Lu (730 words).

There is an “easy” answer to this.

Write all characters as human beings in all their glorious complexity and contradiction.

That’s a decent answer, although rarely easy to pull off in practice, but it’s not really answering the question I’m getting asked.

Standard Disclaimer One: In no way am I suggesting anyone has to write women in a particular way or that they have to write women at all. Write what you want to write. That’s what I do. This post is for the people who have asked the question to me directly or in a more general way to themselves.

Standard Disclaimer Two: I’m barely scratching the surface here. There is so much more that can be said. Think of this essay as part of the journey rather than the destination.

Writing Women Characters as Human Beings by Niall Alexander (3368 words).

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