Web dev at the end of the world, from Hveragerði, Iceland

Photos (8 July 2024)

It’s summer here in Iceland and that means plenty of light for photos and weather that’s nice for casual walks outside of town.

One of the paths just outside of Hveragerði. The grass is green and filled with wildflowser. The trees line the path. And there is a bench there that is partially overgrown. A pair of Icelandic horses graze. A mountain covered in trees, grass, and yellow flowers Another view of the same mountain. A black and white photo of a couple of tourists sitting on a bench watching a geyser erupt in the geothermal park in Hveragerði. A tourist rests on a bench in the geothermal park. A redwing, a type of thrush, perches on the fence but has spotted something in the grass. That same redwing, a moment later, back on the fence but with a worm in its beak. A very motion-blurred photo of a merlin, a small bird of prey, swooping away from the photographer. A cat sitting. Seen through the branches of a bush. That same cat, it's grey and white and long-haired, and it's looking back. The can has spotted the photographer and is looking right up at him.
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