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Links and Photos (14 March 2024)

New book

The big news yesterday was the release of a new compilation book that collects the best of twenty-five years of my writing on innovation and digital transformation. (And some writing on creativity and other useless stuff.)

Bad Writing and Other Essays by Baldur Bjarnason

Get The Ebook for $10 USD
(or more, if you feel like it)



These two neighbours of mine, siblings, were out playing in the sun today.

A dignified fluff. A grey and white long-haired cat with just a hint of a blep

Another grey and white long-haired cat out having fun in the grass

Old photos

Going through old photos from my iPhone era (the gap between my Canon era and my Fuji era) for Reasons and I’m finding that I prefer the rendering of the iPhone 6 plus to my current phone, the 13

The photos from the 13 constantly feel bland, oversharp, and generic

By the river that runs through Bath, UK. It’s black and white and a gull hovers over one of the houses

Another photo from the riverside in Bath. This time colour. An old building juts out from the banks of the river in a weird way.

A photo taken several years ago in the geothermal are near the town of Grindavík. A group of tourists are walking along a ridge in the distance.

We look up a cathedral to see the silhouette of a gull above

More cat

My sister has sent me another batch of photos of her cat, Kolka, being very relaxed. Hard to imagine that this cat was semi-feral and hid from all people when she first arrived

Kolka, a small black cat with a white spot on her chest, lies on a sofa and looks up

Kolka, a black cat, lazily looks through half-open eyes.

Kolka the cat observes the world upside down after she has half-rolled onto her back

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