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Links and Photos (4 March 2024)

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Photos from a mental health walk. Scenes near Varmá river here in Hveragerði.

Steam rises from a geothermal well near one of the hotels

Same geothermal well. The cloud of steam hugs the landscape around.

A view through the window of one of the old ruined factory buildings by Varmá

A wider view of that ruined building, the river, and the path next to it. Everything is covered with snow.

A couple of shots of one of the local ravens in transit.

A raven flies over a snowy landscape. You can see one of the local mountains in the background

A raven flies over the road and the snowy landscape.

Vintage cat photos.

These are photos my sister took of the cat we had as kids thirty years ago. She was blind in one eye when we found her, abandoned as a kitten, but always full of fight and energy

A sunny day. A gray cat is loafing on a porch railing, looking back and the camera

That same cat, grey-ish brown, loafs on a garden pavement.

Now the cat is sneaking towards the photographer

The cat pauses for a moment between zoomies and stands by a tree

This neighbour came for a visit on Saturday. Did an inspection of the flat. Checked out my great-grandfather’s chair. Then did a big stretch on the landing before heading out.

A small black and white long-haired cat inspects the stairway

A small black and white long-haired cat inspects the living room chairs

A small black and white long-haired cat inspects a seventy-year-old comfy chair

A small black and white long-haired cat has a big stretch on a carpet

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