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Links (24 June 2024)

On the poor uptake of new CSS features

At the risk of being labelled a one note pessimist, pretty much everything about the state of CSS—slow uptake of standards, popular reliance on frameworks, the lack of conferences, and the diminishing number of publications—can be explained by the eradication of CSS specialisation from the job market

People who know about all of the new and cool features either don’t have the opportunity to use them or are too overworked to use them.

People who don’t know about them aren’t finding out because the field is effectively being dismantled, leading to fewer outlets writing about CSS and next to no conferences dedicated to it.

Businesses don’t want to pay for CSS so they’re basically getting less of it and fewer people who specialise in it.

This week’s highlight

This post is what you’d call a “problematic fav”. Crass and, in many ways, obnoxious, it nevertheless speaks certain truths about what it feels like to be constantly bombarded with the tech industry’s “AI everything all the time” message.

“I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again — Ludicity”

The market is so distorted that it’s almost as bad as dabbling in the crypto space. It isn’t as bad, meaning that I haven’t yet reached the point where I assume that anyone who has ever typed in import tensorflow is a scumbag, but we’re well on our way there.


This isn’t a recipe for disaster, it’s a cookbook for someone looking to prepare a twelve course fucking catastrophe.

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