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Links (10 June 2024)

“Which Books Nail the Dystopia? - The Biblioracle Recommends”

I’m more bothered by people either volunteering to be surveilled (by broadcasting so much of their lives on video) or deciding that they have the right to track the lives and movements of others because the technology makes it possible.

“Anti Trust in Tech – Pixel Envy”

These product introductions all look like hubris. Arrogance, really — recognition of the significant power these corporations wield and the lack of competition they face.

“The challenge with Netlify, Vercel, Cloudflare, and so on | Go Make Things”

When one provider handles your hosting, manages automated deployment, runs a few dozen micro-services and serverless APIs, provides your database through their proprietary API, and more, migrating away to somewhere else becomes very expensive

“I don’t understand the sacrifices people make for work – Terence Eden’s Blog”

Would you work for a paltry wage and risk your domestic relationships in service of people who didn’t appreciate you? No.

“76% of new artists say that music career is financially unsustainable - News - Mixmag”

This is happening across the board—every creative industry is affected.

And it didn’t always use to be this bad.

“Neatnik Notes · The InclusiveWeb”

An IndieWeb that isn’t inclusive offers no value to the world.

“Introducing the CSS anchor positioning API”

This is going to be extremely useful once it gets broad support. (And I think it’s likely to AFAICT?).

“Beware the cloud of hype - The History of the Web”

The rise of dot-com companies was pitched as a no consequences gold rush. We were on the precipice of a fictional future where everyone would be cashing in on the web. The reality was quite a bit more slow, and boring.

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