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Links and photos (27 May 2024)


We really don’t make enough of the fact that you don’t need JS to make a nice website. Just HTML and CSS

And, whatever most programmers say about HTML and CSS, they absolutely are much more accessible to learn than JS ever has been or will be

Scumbag versus Scumbag

“Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h”

In the end, who knows? Cloudflare has absolutely no information on when they will force you into custom billing, but when they start “urgently” needing to talk to you you’re probably not going to get out until you have a juicy custom contract with them

So, on the one hand, the company in question is a casino and, honestly, fuck casinos.

But, on the other hand, Cloudflare is clearly running a protection racket so fuck them too.

Must-read of the week.

This talk by Meredith Whittaker is excellent. I originally clicked way from it without reading because the title is in German, but turns out the talk itself is absolutely in English.


What we call AI today grew out of this toxic model – and must be understood primarily as a way of marketing the derivatives of mass surveillance and concentrated platform and computational power.

Cat photo

Here’s a sneaky picture I took of a neighbour cat. It shows off his collar, which I’m told by people in the neighbourhood is quite effective at preventing bird murder.

A view through some tree branches of a cat sitting on a rusty tractor. The cat has a colourful collar on and is inspecting his environment.
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