Web dev at the end of the world, from Hveragerði, Iceland

Links and photos (6 May 2024)

If things are unreliable…

About half of the new weirdness we’re all encountering in our software services (like GitHub Actions) is because the companies in question laid off a bunch of their staff a year ago and are now dysfuctional.

The other half is because they took much of the remaining staff and put them on “AI”.


Took this one yesterday in Hveragerði’s small park next to the river.

A black and white photo where the summer sun shines through a tree that hasn’t leaved yet, casting a shadow that looks like a pattern of interlocking black lines

This neighbour came for a short visit earlier and seemed to be in good spirits.

A black-and-white cat relaxes on my weathered outdoor table

That same cat takes care of some personal grooming by licking a paw.

She was not above receiving some scritches

And, actually, she was very keen on having her head scratched as you can see of this photo where I scratch the cat’s head.

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