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Notes, Links, and Photos (8 April 2024)

Consistency and homogeneity are not the same thing

“Inconsistency is a feature, not a bug – Terence Eden’s Blog”

The thing that makes Google’s later icons extraordinarily incompetent is that the old icons were consistent in terms of style, colours, shading, etc. The new icons are worse because they are less identifiable.

Google and Apple have been driving towards greater uniformity and less variation in their software design languages over the past few years, but their uniformity doesn’t mean they’re genuinely more consistent designs

For example, the older icons tended to have a consistent approach to using metaphor, whereas the newer icons are basically deconstructed abstract shapes that make no sense UNLESS you actually remember the older icons they’re referencing

These are just bad designs. Plain and simple.


My sister just sent me another batch of photos of her cat, Kolka, who is very much enjoying the comfort of indoors

(Kolka spent the first 18 months of her life outdoors in the Icelandic weather and seems to be quite done with outdoors thankyewverymuch, to my sister’s relief.)

Kolka, a black and white cat, napping with intent.

Kolka, this time very relaxed on her back

Now the cat peeks to make sure her relaxed attitude is being appreciated

Now Kolka has a bit of a playful stretch

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