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Links, Notes, and Photos (28 March 2024)

On not debating the usefulness of LLMs

Debating the usefulness of LLMs is kind of futile because people rarely appreciate the difference between personal usefulness, perceived productivity, project productivity, project ROI, sustainability, and overall business value.

An LLM tool can excel at the first two but be a disaster on the rest.

What’s more, this isn’t unique to “AI” fans. The reason why the software industry is such an utter fucking disaster is that next to nobody actually tracks anything meaningful about project outcomes and the few times somebody does large scale empirical overviews of the field, they discover that software projects are overwhelmingly unsuccessful, over-budget, late, and full of defects.

We can’t even have meaningful discussions about regular software dev, so how on earth are we supposed to debate the new shiny that’s being built and marketed by an industry that has a history of outright fraud and some of the most dodgy research studies this side of the tobacco industry?

Cat photos

Met this friend while on my mental health walk.

A long-haired grey and white, tuxedo-patterned cat is sitting in the long grass

Same long-haired grey and white, tuxedo-patterned cat. This time a bit further away. We can see more of the bench.

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