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Massive link post to start off the year

Quite a lot of links. Almost a month’s worth.




Did a bit of photography during the break.

A lone raven flies against a clear sky

A raven is seen though a pair of trees flying

I just liked the look of this tree.

A view over a snow-covered cemetery. A person can be seen in the distance.

Kolka, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, turns around to look at something that interests her.

Kolka, the cat, sits at a distance and inspects the people who are visiting.

Kolka looks up expecting something fun to happen.

Kolka looks up at somebody who is standing over her outside the frame.

A walk along the ocean. Covered with snow. The sun is setting ahead.

A view of the ocean outside of Grafarvogur bay. You can see the docks and docksiden neighbourhoods across the water.

A view across the bay. You can see the rocky beach on this side and the harbour on the other.

A raven takes off from one of the cliffs near the ocean.

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