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Notes, Links, and Weeknotes (3 November 2023)

Two hardcover copies of 'Out of the Software Crisis' on a kitchen counter

Final approval copies of the book. Got two, so I could see what sort of variation to expect. I’ll go over them with in detail over the weekend, and if I don’t find a major issue I’ll be pressing the button and switching the toggle that turns on printing and shipping for all the pre-orders.

You still have a few days left to order with the $10 USD pre-order discount. On November 7 it’ll just be regular ordering, not pre-ordering.

Pre-order the hard-cover edition of Out of the Software Crisis

The Course

Most of my spare time at the moment is going into getting the course on test-driven web development with import maps done.

I’m eschewing video on this, which may be a mistake, but I think there’s a shortage of text-oriented web-based courses out there, so I’m gambling that others agree with me.

I’ve updated the pitch page for the course to try and better convey what it’s about.

I’ve also added what is apparently called an “incentive” to the sign-up form. I took the overview I wrote for the course over the various options there are for deploying projects with import maps and turned it into a mini-guide: Deployment Strategies for Import Maps. Let me know what you all think.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m offering web dev coaching.

This is a bit of an experiment. I suspect that there isn’t a market for this since the lay-offs – it makes more sense for people to focus their investments in learning a bit more narrowly on things that lower costs or help them be more productive – but putting together a plan and a web page is fairly straightforward for me, so I figured making the offer was harmless.

General weeknote

Busy. Not much time to spare. More next week.

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