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Launching a new course with a massively discounted Black Friday bundle

I’ve just launched two things:

  1. A course/web-book titled Uncluttered: free yourself from Node with import maps and test-driven web development.
  2. A bundle of pretty much everything I’ve done that is worthwhile, plus a new video series as a bonus. For only $49 USD.

The Course

The course is more of a web-book than your usual talking head video course. The first lesson in the course links PDF and EPUB versions of itself for offline reading.

It’s a deep dive into both import maps and test-driven development, disguised as a guide to setting up a node-free development environment.

It is that guide, but it also:

  • Explains why import maps were needed to fix some of the core flaws in ES modules.
  • Explains import maps, how they work, and why they are likely to simplify your life.
  • Gives you examples of how you could use import maps to simplify dependency management and testing.
  • Talks about various approaches to test-driven development and tries to give you concrete suggestions as to what the strengths are of each school.
  • Is filled with a variety of hot takes and strong opinions because I’ve been doing this job for over twenty-five years and can’t help myself.

The full price of the course is $59 USD.

But, for this weekend and through to the end of Monday, there is a much better deal available.

The Bundle

This year I’ve put together a special Black Friday bundle that contains, well, everything I’ve done that is for sale, plus a bonus series of videos/audio lectures.

For $49 USD you can get:

The video extra is the weirdest, most experimental part of the bundle. It’s a series of twenty super short talks with ultra-minimalist graphics. Much of it is deeply personal, but I also hope it’s practical, because this is our lives. Our lived experiences are integral to our work.

The videos range from three to eleven minutes long and each outlines a principle or rule of thumb that I’ve found helpful to software development.

I hope you find the course, the ebooks, and the talks useful, because you’re getting a whopping $100 USD discount on them 🙂️.

(Also, do give me your feedback and opinions on both Uncluttered and Yellow. One of the benefits I’m hoping to get with the web-based format is an ability to update the material more frequently to address changes and fix bugs.)

Read more about the massive Black Friday Bundle

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