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Weeknote 3 - Resistance and the dull blade


Not much happening these days. Long term things are brewing. Nothing hopping up in the short term.


Doctor Who

Watched a few episodes of the latest Doctor Who. I got back into watching Doctor Who once Jodie Whittaker took over the roel after dropping out at some point during Moffat’s tedious run.

It’s fun. Better than it’s been for a while. Jodie Wittaker is great in the role. It’s interesting enough for now.

The Man in the High Castle

I made the mistake of starting to watch The Man in the High Castle this weekend. It’s easily my favourite Philip K. Dick novel, whose books I generally enjoy despite their flaws.

It’s a mistake not because it’s bad but because it isn’t—at least as far as the first season is concerned. It’s interesting without being overcomplicated. It’s faithful enough to the original without being slavish.

It’s never going to avoid the temptation of a pat emotional resolution. It’s a US TV series, after all.

When it started a few years ago a story of a Nazi-occupied world was too depressing to sound enjoyable.

But, right now, watching stories of people actively resist Nazi rule is somewhat fulfilling.


I’ve mostly been reading work-related non-fiction lately and I can feel my brain calcify. A pure diet of non-fiction is a good way to turn yourself ignorant. I need to get back on the fiction wagon before my mind petrifies completely.

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