Web dev at the end of the world, from Hveragerði, Iceland

The Books

Bad Writing and Other Essays by Baldur Bjarnason

$10+ USD for PDF and EPUB.

Twenty-five years of writing on digital transformation, digital publishing, innovation, and software development

Get The Ebook for $10 USD
(or more, if you feel like it)

The Intelligence Illusion by Baldur Bjarnason

$35 USD for PDF and EPUB.

What are the major risks to avoid with generative AI? How do you avoid having it blow up in your face? Is that even possible?

The Intelligence Illusion is an exhaustively researched guide to the risks of language and diffusion models.

A Guide To The Risks of Generative AI

Out of the Software Crisis by Baldur Bjarnason

$35 USD for PDF and EPUB.

Software projects keep failing, not because we don’t have the right team or tools but because our software development system is broken. Out of the Software Crisis is a guide to fixing your software projects with systems-thinking making them more resilient to change and less likely to fail.

Systems-Thinking For Software Projects

Yellow by Baldur Bjarnason

$10 USD for the ebook-only version, PDF and EPUB.

Yellow is a short ebook (around 90 pages).

In it, I outline some of the core principles that drive my work using casual and approachable language, even when I’m covering potentially complex topics such as Gall’s Law or loose coupling.

Principles (or useless aphorisms) for software dev

Hi, I’m Baldur Bjarnason, and I’m available for consulting and web dev work

A square headshot of Baldur Bjarnason I’ve been making websites for over twenty-five years, working as a web developer (front-end, back-end, or full-stack) for both companies and charities, small and large, in a variety of programming languages.

I’ve written two books, a course, and a video series on topics related to software development and have been writing about web development online for years.

My preference and primary expertise these days is concentrated on web languages: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. My JS experience covers Node, Deno, and the Browser, both with frameworks or without.

Projects and code I’ve worked on are being used in production on a number of ecommerce and business sites across the world.

I strongly prefer non-framework solutions – not because I can’t but because standard JS is usually the most cost-effective and efficient approach for most web software projects.

You can find me online at BlueskyMastodonthis blog, or my newsletter.

Email me to see how I can help you.

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