The web has covered the basics — that’s why it’ll get harder from now

This is a combination of two posts I originally wrote on Medium. Re-posted here merely for my own archives. Feel free to ignore. “Tired of Safari” and “Apple’s Web?” The drama surrounding touch events is a long-standing one and Apple has done a good job of playing the villain in this particular farce. This is just one facet of the core problem with the web as an application platform: we will never have a unified web app platform.

News, updates, and the Icelandic book market

I’ve been mouthing off all over the place over the last few days, as usual. I wrote a blog post on the Tools of Change blog on ebook standardisation issues. One of the comments on that blog annoyed me so much that I replied to it on my own blog. The entire kerfuffle was enough for me to swear off online format and standards discussions entirely. Not much loss, IMO, as I plan on spending my time instead blogging about design, development, and process issues.