Publishing business ideas are a dime a dozen

Execution is the only thing that matters. So, here are a dozen simple ideas that popped into my head while I was on the train the other day. Keep the dime because ideas are actually not even worth that much. Some of these ideas are quite crap and dumb and vague so caveat emptor. Use software to leverage an old business model Use ecommerce to build a print book distribution company.

News, updates, and the Icelandic book market

I’ve been mouthing off all over the place over the last few days, as usual. I wrote a blog post on the Tools of Change blog on ebook standardisation issues. One of the comments on that blog annoyed me so much that I replied to it on my own blog. The entire kerfuffle was enough for me to swear off online format and standards discussions entirely. Not much loss, IMO, as I plan on spending my time instead blogging about design, development, and process issues.