Photo of Baldur

My name is Baldur Bjarnason, but you knew that, since it’s plastered all over this site.

I’m an Icelander in his late thirties who fled Iceland’s economic collapse to live in the UK. You could call me an exile from a failed state if you feel like being dramatic, but you wouldn’t be too far off. The situation in Iceland is in many ways worse than you think.

I set up my first website back in the web dark ages, the nineties. It was all too clearly the effort of a pretentious, overly serious, adolescent: The title was ‘Comics as Literature’.

Later on I shuttered that piece of embarrassment and opened up a proper blog, this one’s still up and available, although I’d appreciate it if you didn’t have a look at it. I was younger and more foolish. I’ve changed my mind about quite a few things since then.

I mothballed that blog started another one once my PhD effort got properly started. This blog, titled Another Quiet Day, was never that active (only a few posts) and for that reason I never went to the trouble of recovering the posts that were lost when that blog went offline.

Then, once I had finished my PhD and got a ‘proper’ job, I started one of those fancy tumblr things, titled Loud. That one is mostly links with an occasional blog post. Mothballed and showing signs of disuse.

My focus here, on this site (and on my other, now inactive blog, [Studio Tendra](http://www.studiotendra.com/)), used to be on ebooks and epublishing. After spending a few years revisiting the ideas I worked on during my PhD research (which was on the subject of eBooks and interactivity) I switched my focus back to interactive media in general. Looking towards the future in an industry focused on the past is an extremely frustrating experience that I don't recommend.

All in all, I’ve been on the internet for close to twenty years and I’ve been making websites for almost as long (about a week passed from when I bought my first modem until I made my first website).

Been writing a lot longer than that, though.

Technically, english isn’t my first language even though I’ve been proficient since I was a child, so apologies for whatever errors that might slip in because I had a passing thought in Icelandic while writing.

I tweet a lot under the username fakebaldur. It probably says a lot about me that I still find that nick funny.

Not much else to say here at the moment.